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Post Training Evaluation by Trainees and their Controlling Officers
What is Post Training Evaluation and who should do the Post Training Evaluation? In case of Technology Courses (not the Management type of courses and Induction courses) which are of 2 weeks or more duration are subjected to Post Training Evaluation. Trainees, after completing their training and reporting back to their Units,they should assess to what extent the training was useful to the day to day work in the field. The controlling officer of the concerned Trainee also should submit the Post Training Evaluation as to whether the training undergone by the employee has significantly improved the day to day working of the system.
When is to be done? The Post Evaluation should be done only after 30 days after completion of training but before 3 months from the Course completed Date
Procedure : The Trainee has to select his/her circle and the month in which the training ended. Then select his/her name and furnish the password which was used for Registration and then he/she has to fill up the Post Evaluation Form.
After filling up by the Trainee, the Controlling Officer do the Evaluation. Password for the conrolling officer will be sent by email, if the trainee has furnished the email of his controlling officer while doing the Registration. Otherwise, on request to the Concerned Faculty or TM Section of the Training Centre, the password will be sent by email to the controlling officer.
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